Chuckle Life in the Face

We chuckle when others trip over nothing. We chuckle when we are in immense amounts of pain, but want to hide it from others. We chuckle over absolutely idiotic and pointless jokes and conversations. Bottom line, laughing is a powerful coping mechanism. Sure, there are times when we laugh appropriately, but it is way more fun to inappropriately laugh at pain straight in the face. When I was in high school, my close friend and I had a deadly disease called uncontrollable laughing syndrome. This syndrome caused unforeseen, uncontrollable bouts of inappropriate laughter. In the middle of class? Sure, lets start laughing. Hear a stranger fart in public? Oh yeah, it’s time to laugh. Rear end someone in a parking lot? Hey, might as well laugh.Laughter2 Laughter is a powerful tool that can lighten any situation, regardless of your race, gender, social class. Everyone from every culture laughs. The beauty of laughter is that it can communicate universally to people of every culture. Japanese, German, Mexican, English, Egyptian; we all chuckle at the silly aspects of life. We may laugh differently, but we all understand the lightheartedness of laughter. Want a takeaway from this? Relax, don’t take life too seriously, and have a good Chuckle.